What is the best X-window server for PC/Macs

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 >  I would like to use the WPI feature of GCG ver. 8, but our lab uses only
 >  Macs and PCs to access the VAX running GCG.  Are there good X-window
 >  server programs that would allow me to use WPI?

For the Mac there are a few options

There is MacX - from Apple. Current version is version 2 (I think)
There is eXodus - from White Pine Software. Current version is version 6

There is XTen - from Tenon Systems.
Alternatively, Tenon systems market a full-blown UNIX for Macs that
contains all the X-Server functionality within it. Its called MachTen.

There is also a freeware Server called MI/X.

I've tried all of them, and apart from MI/X, I was pleased with them all. I
guess you get what you pay for with MI/X. Having said that, I have heard
reports from others who were perfectly happy with it so YMMV.

GCG did have a special deal on eXodus at least. However, in the UK, we get
MacX at a ridiculously low price through an academic agreement. There
presumably may be a similar agreement in force your side of the pond.

I use a combination of MacX and MachTen for my work (depending on what I'm

For the PC, I am less well informed. Our PCs all have eXceed installed on
them and I have heard few complaints, although I don't know exactly how
many people actually use X from their PC.

Incidentally, if you intend doing a lot of X work from the Mac, I strongly
recommend you get a three button mouse. I use the Kensington Thinking Mouse
and it really is great.

Andy Law
( Andy.Law at bbsrc.ac.uk )
( Big Nose in Edinburgh )

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