on-line gcg manuals

Paula Burch pburch at bcm.tmc.edu
Tue Nov 4 11:30:13 EST 1997

It's great to be able to install GCG's on-the-web documentation on our
local server for our own users; it's such a convenience to be able to
run searches on the documentation. I was happy to agree to limit
access to this documentation to local use only, because doing
otherwise is obviously a flagrant violation of GCG's copyright.

It's surprising, and somehow rather annoying, after going to some
trouble to restrict our own on-web copy of the GCG documentation to
local use only, to see that others around the world have ignored their
agreement with the GCG company to do the same. (I found them
accidentally via a search at altavista.digital.com.) It makes no
sense for only some sites to have to limit access. Either everyone
should restrict unauthorized access, or no one should.

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