GCG, X-windows and web

Tim Cutts tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Thu May 29 09:13:23 EST 1997

In article < at mailcenter.biochem.purdue.edu>,
Rick Westerman <westerm at PURDUE.EDU> wrote:
>Has anyone tried out one of the "X-windows in a web browser" products while
>using GCG?  I know of two "X-windows/web" products and have requested demo
>versions and educational pricing but I was wondering if anyone is using
>these products for real-life applications.  Please note that both products
>are plug-ins to a browser that enable one to see X applications inside the
>browser window.  They are not necessarily standalone X-servers.

It seems odd to me that anyone would want to run X clients in a
graphical web browser when proper X servers are available for all
platforms supported by Netscape!  I haven't yet tried one of these
things, but I expect the performance will be lousy compared to a
proper X server.


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