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DWELROD at am.pnu.com DWELROD at am.pnu.com
Thu May 29 15:29:14 EST 1997

  I think GCG missed the boat by not quickly developing a Web interface to 
  their programs, but it is easy to be critical given the benefit of 
  hindsight.  Two years ago or so when GCG decided to go with an 
  X-interface, X seemed like a better choice than it does today.  I don't 
  want to start a debate about the relative merits of X vs HTML/Java 
  interfaces, but given that so much of bioinformatics and computational 
  biology REQUIRES using a web browser, and very few such programs, other 
  than GCG's SeqLab, REQUIRE X-windows, it certainly is less convenient and 
  more costly to have to have both a web browser and PC/Mac X-server 
  software than just a web browser.
  We are seriously looking at www2gcg as an alternative to SeqLab, and one 
  of our sites prefers W2H.
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