Lookup in GCG9.0

Jean-Marc Plaza plaza at infobiogen.fr
Tue May 27 07:02:55 EST 1997

I am installing GCG 9.0 and I find problems with lookup program. 
We use SRS in our site and I build the indices using srsupdate
from SRS.
I would like to use the index of srs4.08 for lookup instead
of building another srs/gcg indices with GCG9
That was possible with GCG8.1 as we got the source of lookup.c so
it was easy to compile it with library and include files from SRS.

I test with GCG9 to use the SRS indices but lookup make a
segmentation fault when displaying the lookup.list:
Searching swissprot
 80 entries were found.
 Do you wish to:
   1) write out this list to a file
   2) preview the results
   3) refine the query
   4) choose different libraries 
   q) quit
 Please choose one (* 1 *):  
 What should I call the output file (* lookup.list *) ?  

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

 gcg_srssection is OK but gcg_srscheck a wrong message appears:
> gcg_srscheck
...checking library "SWISSPROT"
e__indexwrongversion, invalid index
can't open index "srsdir:swissprot_id.idx" with version 1002 ...should
be 1001>----------- 
In SRS the checking swissprot library is OK

Thanks in advance for helping me

Jean-Marc PLAZA
7, rue Guy Moquet BP8 94801 VILLEJUIF Cedex, France
tel: +33 45 59 52 39  fax: +33 45 59 52 50
e-mail: plaza at infobiogen.fr

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