GCG V. 9.0-GAP

Iddo Friedberg idoerg at cc.huji.ac.il
Mon May 26 02:32:23 EST 1997


I've encountered an interesting phenomenon in GCG v. 9.0, UNIX.

Try the following:
gap -in1=sw:lyg_ansan -in2=sw:kad3_bovin  -gap=5 -len=3 -out=out1.pair
gap -in1=sw:kad3_bovin -in2=sw:lyg_ansan  -gap=5 -len=3 -out=out2.pair

Now look at the results in files out1.pair and out2.pair

Seems like the results are dependent upon sequence order. AFAIK, that
shouldn't be the case in pairwise sequence alignment.

Can anyone please shed some light on the matter? Please email me
personally as well as to this newsgroup.

Many thanks,



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