M. tuberculosis genome database

Peter Rice pmr at sanger.ac.uk
Thu May 22 10:08:14 EST 1997

proy at rsvs.ulaval.ca (Paul Roy) writes:
> Dear GCGers:
>      I recently downloaded the FASTA format flat file  TB.dbs  from the
> Sanger center database.  In running FROMFASTA I noticed that there were
> several occurrences of the same name given to two or more adjacent
> sequences of different lengths, presumably non-assembled sequences from
> the same cosmid.  In Unix systems this results in all but the last
> sequence being lost.  Does anyone have a work-around for this other than
> hand editing the titles in the 4 meg flat file?

The TB.dbs file is not very GCG-friendly (or should that be the other
way around?)

Finished cosmids just have the cosmid name:


The unfinished cosmids in the file have a consecutive series of sequences:

>Cosmid=cY432; Contig ID=01311; Length=8195; Status=Unfinished

>Cosmid=cY432; Contig ID=00864; Length=29989; Status=Unfinished

... and so on.

The easiest way is to adjust the unfinished names with a Perl script
so they end with "_1", "_2" and so on.

% sangerfix.pl TB.dbs TB.fix

% cat sangerfix.pl


while (<>) {
    if (/^>Cosmid=(\w+);/) {
        if ($cosmid ne $1) {$cosmid = $1;$i=0}
        print ">MT$cosmid","_$i\n";
    else {print}

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