Oxford Molecular and GCG

Adrian Jenkins ajenkins at nibsc.ac.uk
Fri May 16 07:49:42 EST 1997

>Well, it appears that Oxford Molecular have got hold of GCG....from 
>LONDON 8 May 1997 -  Oxford Molecular is acquiring two US-based 
>computer software businesses, Genetics Computer Group, Inc. ("GCG") 
>and the software business of MLR Automation ("MLR"). Both acquisitions
>will significantly strengthen the Group's core business of integrated
>drug design software and the provision of contract research services. 
>GCG would be well advised indeed to let us all know what is going on
>ASAP..........I can't help feeling a tinge of apprehension :-)
>hugh at molbiol.ox.ac.uk                      Oxford University
>                                       Molecular Biology Data Centre


Several Thoughts...

1. although prob not essential i wonder whether Oxford Molecular will have a
European GCG Web/FTP site.

2. Will this help change the rather awkward lisencing arrangements which
came out with GCG9, or was this the reason why the lisencing changed??

3. How will the GCG Package be affected if at all

Come on GCG please dont keep us in suspense...



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