seeking DADA matrix

Cynthia Zujko-Miller cynthiae at wam.umd.edu
Thu May 15 13:25:41 EST 1997

Are there any systematists/cladists out there who use the cladistic
program DADA to create data matrices?  If so, I would greatly appreciate
recieving a text file of a data matrix created in DADA.

I'm currently building a program which creates an interactive key based
on data matrices used in cladistic analysis.  So far, I hava samples of
a nexus file (used with MacClade), and an xread file which was created
in Tree Gardner.  I understand that DADA creates a matrix in xread
format, but that the character and state data (the text/names for the
characters and states which are ignored by the tree-finder) are in a
different format in DADA files.

I would certainly acknowledge the contribution in any documentation
resulting from this project.

Thanks in advance - Cynthia
cynthiae at wam.umd.edu

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