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I have thought about this as well, especially since we are a small
Institute with about 10 regular users, many of the programs could be
done  using the Staden package.

ADvantage of local GCG

1 depending on your hardware, generallyyt much quicker and more
convieniant than internet resources...

2.  If you local network is up and running, you have gcg access

3.  Some very useful programs and utility tools 


1 Dbases are only updated every 3 months...if you require updated dbases
as in daily or weekly, you need to go through the process of updating
yourself, though there are various scripts to help you do it as far as i
am aware.

2. each release requires more hard disc to store the dbases...

3. becoming pricey (as in licence etc)

4. Becoming X-window dependant very helpful and good but we havwe had
problems with x-window software installed on PC's...

Internet resources...


1.  MAny servers now available offewring traditional and newer methods
of dbase searching etc

2.  Dbase updating is done automaitically as far as the end user is

3.  ??


1.  Connections can be rather slow at times, from the uk trying to use
an American fcility can be rather time com=nsuming

2.  keeping upto date with servers can be quite time cons=uming though
various sites/personalities will have list of newer useful mol bio sites

3.  if your internet connection is down for any period of time (as as
happened workmen trash a telephone line by accident) you asre unable to
usethe facilities the internet has to offer.

Although GCG is not necessary a cheap program, it is quite useful, and
if you were to replace it with copies of a PC/mac program such as DNAsis
or something similar, could prove quite expenseve in both costs and
manpower as to update softeare packages from time to time.

Currently where I work, most people use GCG, Staden and the internet
resources side by side.

I hope this has given you food for thought




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