Printing PHYLIP trees with GCG

Jack Leunissen jackl at caos.kun.nl
Wed May 7 09:55:24 EST 1997


DRAWTREE and DRAWGRAM, the tree-plotting programs from the PHYLIP
package now have a new plotting  device built-in: they now can
produce a GCG FIGURE formatted output file. This file can then be 
previewed or plotted via any of the output-devices that GCG supports,
like PostScript, HPGL, Tek, REGIS, etc. 

Although the PHYLIP programs can generate these formats themself, 
first producing a FIGURE formatted file makes it easier to combine 
trees in one picture, or to preview the tree topology via Xwindows. 

There is an additional advantage of PHYLIP trees in figure format, 
apart from the possibility of previewing them via X windows. 
After conversion of the figure file into HPGL, this file can be read 
into the most common PC drawing programs, like CorelDraw. Although 
this could already be done before by the tree-plotting program, the 
advantage of the additional step is in the fact that the labels now 
are treated as real text by the program, and not just as a bunch of
lines. This means that now you can easily change the character font 
and character size for all the labels in the trees! 

The modified source files (drawgraphics.c and drawgraphics.h) can be
picked up from the CAOS/CAMM FTP server; the URL is


Simply place them in the PHLYIP source directory, and type "make"...


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