gif driver for GCG?

Roney Graf roney.graf at uni-konstanz.de
Mon May 5 04:14:44 EST 1997

In article <5k7veq$li2 at mercury.hgmp.mrc.ac.uk>, rls at ebi.ac.uk (Rodrigo
Lopez) wrote:

> Even though this is not about GIF viewers:
> TeraTerm for Windows95 (and Win31):
> Description:
> A customizable telnet client with VT100 (some
> VT200/300) and TEK4010 emulations, X/ZModem, B-Plus,
> Quick-VAN and Kermit transfer protocols, works on TCP/IP
> connections, as wellas serial dial-ups. Scripting is possible with
> "Tera Term Language".
> The emulator is freeware and provides a decent tek emulator for
> viewing GCG graphics output.

  Sounds o.k., what about an analogous thing for the Mac? A couple years
back we had VersaTerm, but that one is commercial and not available here.
Are there any free-/shareware options?

  (I just popped into this thread, sorry if the answer has come along already)


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