GCG without local databases?

Mark Bergman bergman at zeus.phri.nyu.edu
Mon Mar 24 16:58:24 EST 1997

What are your thought on using GCG with no local databases? Do you
think it's feasible to rely upon browser- or email-based search
services for all non-blast searches? We've got Mac users with fast (T1)
'net access.

I see inconvenience in:
	differing interfaces for different search forms
	some types of searches may not exist via the web
	keeping track of references/credits from different
		search services for publication 
	reliability/availability of free services
	accuracy and timely updates of remote data
	extra steps required: 
		possibly manipulate sequences within gcg
			ftp to Mac
		save data to Mac disk
		data to Unix system
		possibly manual text editing
		GCG's reformat command

The benefits are:
	no cost in maintaining local data (disk space, personnel,
		data subscriptions)

	[possibly] more current data than local db (depending on the
		update frequency for local vrs. remote)

Is there anything that I'm missing? 

What do you think the chances are of the development of free or
fee-based web search services that can do all 13 non-blast searches
that GCG currently provides (or more) from a single interface?

I'd love to see  GCG develop internet based search services, as well
integrated as blast (no web browser needed, queries and returned data
in GCG's "native" formats) to eliminate the need for local databases.

Do you see NCBI (or some other site) providing such services
(non-browser internet searching integrated with GCG)?

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