Checksum (was : EGCG 9.0 and beyond)

Peter Rice pmr at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Mar 20 09:16:40 EST 1997

In article <33313E74.35D1 at igbmc.u-strasbg.fr> Frederic PLEWNIAK <plewniak at igbmc.u-strasbg.fr> writes:
>   The checksum is calculated as follows :
>    Checksum = (Sum for each pos of ((pos%57) * ASC(res[pos]))) % 10000
>      where pos is position in sequence, and res[pos] is the residue
>      at position pos (including gaps) and ASC(res[pos]) its ASCII 
>      value.

Aaaarrrrggggghh. Have you posted some GCG code?

Nope. No problem. You have just maybe misquoted the old manual or more
likely cited a line from somewhere else. The new manual doesn't have
that definition because the procedure library section has vanished.

Hint: ASC has to also make the character upper case.
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