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Francois JEANMOUGIN pingouin at crystal.u-strasbg.fr
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>>   [...]
>>   > As soon as we have the GCG 9.0 source code, the schedule is:
>>	   Stop, stop, stop. What's that??? Even you, Peter, you don't have
>>   the gcg9 sources. If GCG claims that the sources were found in several
>>   (at least one) commercial package, and don't want to send the sources to
>>   obscur institutions in obscur regions of France (like us), we can
>>   understand (with difficulties), but I can't understand that they did
>>   not give the sources to the EBI (at least).
> EBI? You mean the Sanger Centre of course :-)

	Sorry, always confusing... Well, this will make one more beer...

> As far as I know, GCG only completed the SDK licence agreement a few
> days ago. I first saw a copy on the same day as another site mailed me
> to ask about how it affects EGCG, so I think I must have been one of
> the first. [...]

	The problem is that I can't understand why YOU, the EGCG maintainer,
should be treated as any other GCG site. I understood in Heidelberg that
EGCG is really a chance for GCG (and it was told to GCG that without 
EGCG, we will not use GCG, or not the same way).
	So, that I really can't understand. 

> I am fairly sure
> it was not part of their original plans for 9.0, but they must protect
> their rights to their source code and it takes time to get it right.

	As it was told before, libraries and header files are enough
for most of us. We don't need to have the complete sources. So
I though that this will be the SDK. But David post about the SDK
make me feel that this is not the case.

> The standard SDK licence has restrictions on redistributing software
> which have to be amended for EGCG, so that will take a little longer.

	This, I can't understand (see David's post about publicly
available software). If I do a programm with Qt, NCBItk or
any other tk, free or commercial, I would be able to redistribute
the sources. Restrictions to GCG sites was a good point before.

	Well, we will see, but in this, I think that GCG was drown 
in a glass of water (it's a french expression, try to find the english
				This make me not feel very good,
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