Rodrigo Lopez rls at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Mar 18 09:16:52 EST 1997

In article <browns02-1703971555510001 at mcrcr1.med.nyu.edu>, browns02 at mcrcr.med.nyu.edu (Stuart M. Brown) wrote:
>After installation of GCG version 9, my EGCG programs no longer work.
>It seems that EGCG requires linkage to certain data libraries that
>were deleted with GCG 8.1.  Is there a workaround for this, is
>there a new version of EGCG that works with GCG v9 data libraries
>or what else can I do to fix EGCG?

Problem is, as all you who have recieved GCG 9.0 will have noticed, that
GCG is no longer distributing the source code and the library headers with
the software. As long as header files are not included in the standard
distribution it will not be possible to compile anything for GCG 9.0 unless
you purshase the GCG 9.0 SDK. 

The EGCG team has the following options to offer:

o distribution of binaries of EGCG 9.0 .
o distribution of source to all GCG 9.0 SDK licence holders.
o getting GCG to distribute the header with the standard licence (for free or
   for a small additional fee)

Ah! And note that the EGCG 8.1 sources will not compile w/ GCG 9.0. There
will be a release of EGCG 9.0.


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