Q: PostScript printing

Andrei Kirillov andreyk at cc.huji.ac.il
Mon Mar 17 01:52:12 EST 1997

Actually it started as a GCG-related question...

Is there a Unix program to print PostScript files directly from 
the host Unix machine to the PostScript printer connected to the PC?
It is a local printer connected to LPT1 port on our PC, 
not a network printer. 
And we use Telnet client under DOS or MS-Windows 
to access Unix box (Irix 5.3) from our PC.

     Briefly, I need something with a syntax:
%PSfile_printing_program  PSfile_to_be_printed
     to easily print GCG graphical output saved in a PostScript file.

(As we all know there is a LPrint program in the GCG package
to print ASCII files on the terminal's pass-through PostScript printer.)

Any suggestions?

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