GCG performance survey

Frederic PLEWNIAK plewniak at igbmc.u-strasbg.fr
Fri Mar 7 09:42:34 EST 1997


As we are currently experiencing low performance of database searches
at our site we would like to investigate factors influencing performance.
In order to help us, please, could you fill the following form and return 
it by e-mail to

	       bioinfo at igbmc.u-strasbg.fr.

A summary will be posted when ready.

============================= Begin Form ===============================

Please, give as many answers as you can.

* Are you :
	[ ] a GCG manager ?

        [ ] a GCG user ?

* Your configuration and hardware :

	Platform(s)   	:
	OS		:
	Memory		:
	Swap space	:
	Disk space	:

	Do you maintain local databases? Which ones?

	Are some of your machines dedicated to special tasks? 
        (please give details)

	Please, could you give reasons why this configuration was chosen ?

	As a manager, are you fully satisfied with it?

	If you could change something, what would you upgrade or replace ?

        Please, give any more information you might think is relevant :

* Users :

	Number of potential users :

	Average number of users simulataneously connected :
	Are you or your fellow users satisfied with the current 

* If you are a GCG manager and are keeping an accounting log, please could
  you give an estimation of the range and average cpu time taken by 
  processes such as FastA, Blast, Profilesearch and FindPatterns?

	FastA : 
		min :		max:		average:

	Blast :	
		min :		max:		average:

	Profilesearch : 
		min :		max:		average:

	FindPatterns : 
		min :		max:		average:

        We would like to perform more "standardized" benchmarks. Would you
	be ready to help us doing this by running test searches at your 

* If you are a GCG user, how long do you have to wait for a FastA, Blast
  Profilesearch or FindPatterns search on average? Please, give as many 
  details as possible (type of search [DNA/DNA, prot/prot, prot/DNA], 
  size of the query sequences or profiles, size of database,...)

	FastA 		:
	Blast local	:
	Blast remote 	:
	Profilesearch 	:
	FindPatterns  	:

* Any more comments?

============================= End Form ==================================

Thanks a lot for your time,
Best regards to all,

Strasbourg - France

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