GenBank flat files

Gary Davis gary at WH.BAYER.COM
Wed Jun 25 16:17:59 EST 1997

The Genbank file README.genbank.daily says:

> NOTE: Due to a processing error for Release 101.0, the GenBank
> cumulative update files that existed as of close-of-data
> README.genbank.daily  (old.gbcu.flat.Z and old.gpcu.fsa.Z)
> cannot be made available.
>  We apologize if this causes any inconvenience for our users.
I'd call it a major inconvenience.

Gary Davis
Bayer Corp.

> Dear GCGers:
>      Does anyone know what happened to the file  old.gbcu.flat.Z  which
> used to be on the NCBI server, in the directory  /genbank/daily  and which
> seems to have disappeared since the most recent release?  This file
> contained the data acquired between the previous release and the cutoff
> date for the new release.  We have been reformatting  gbcu.flat.Z  to get
> a "GB_New" database, but also, in the interval between a release and the
> reception of the corresponding CD-ROM from GCG, we have depended on
> old.gbcu.flat.Z  which we put in a bank "GB_Temp", in order to avoid a
> "hole" of two months of data.  The only alternative is to suspend our
> weekly updates every two months (when  old.gbcu.flat.Z  suddenly
> becomes smaller due to the new release) until the CD-ROM arrives.
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