MacX and GCG V 9.0 (again)

Andy Law Andy.Law at bbsrc.ac.uk
Mon Jun 23 03:26:24 EST 1997

In article <kjsoyc5act.fsf at alpha0.bioch.virginia.edu>,
wrp at alpha0.bioch.virginia.edu (William R. Pearson) wrote:

 >  I use MacX1.5 for almost all of my daily work, which is largely on a
 >  DEC Alpha machine.  I do not use seqlab normally, but after reading
 >  this thread, I started it up with no problems (a menu font was missing,
 >  but everything started).  I was also able to startup on an SGI system.

The problem may be MacX 1.2 vs MacX 1.5? MacX 1.2 is only at X11 Release 4
level (as I understand it) - Current is now 6 (again as I understand it)

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