MacX and GCG V 9.0 (again)

Steve Smith steve at gcg.com
Sun Jun 22 11:09:59 EST 1997

Francois JEANMOUGIN wrote:
> In article <33A7F0CA.167E at mpiz-koeln.mpg.de>,
>         Kurt Stueber <stueber at mpiz-koeln.mpg.de> writes:
> > Here I want to add the error message I got (maybe this gives some
> > hints to the problem stated in my last posting:
> >
> > I started MacX and run a telnet simultaneously and issued
> > the commands:


>         I think seqlab uses the last updates of X protocol (should be
> X11R6 compatible) and as the old sun, your MacX is to old to display
> seqlab.
>         Can GCG confirm the X compatibility of Seqlab?

The oldest Xserver that we have tested SeqLab on is the old
DECStation version of X (X11R4).  Aside from a lack of modern
fonts, it works well when used as an X-terminal. As always, if you
are having problems running the GCG package with recommended 3rd party
software products, you should contact Technical Support for assistance
(US 608-231-5200).

>                                 If this helps...
>                                                         Francois.
> P.S.: seqlab work very well on uptodate systems (but the colors are
> awfull ;-).
> --

Thank you, and better color customization will available in 9.1.

  Steven Smith
  Genetics Computer Group

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