MacX and GCG V 9.0?

Kurt Stueber stueber at mpiz-koeln.mpg.de
Wed Jun 18 03:56:15 EST 1997

Dear GCG users,

Though GCG recommends the use of eXodus. Sure we gonna buy this
in the future. But currently 
we do have a copy of the MacX software, a X server program for
Macintosh. In the Wisconsin Package Seqlab Guide on Page B-2 it

"MacX has also been tested and confirmed to work with minor

We tried MacX and ware able to use some typical UNIX programs 
like nedit, xv, ghostview and the like but a call to "seqlab" resulted
in a failure.

Has anyone experiences a like problem and overcome it?
What are the minor difficulties mentioned above?

Our UNIX system is a DEC workstation running Digital UNIX. 
We configure it with the command:

setenv DISPLAY mymac:0.0


Kurt Stueber
stueber at mpiz-koeln.mpg.de

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