Steve Roberts bmcsar at picr.cr.man.ac.uk
Tue Jul 8 09:25:46 EST 1997

Does anyone out there run GCG under the GNU Boune again shell (bash).
At first glance it (a) isn't supported and (b) doesn't work. 

(a) bash is generally a superset of ksh with exceptions and so should be

(b) unfortunately the genetics.ksh script fails as the " if [[ ...]] "
construct is one of the very few ksh features not supported by bash.

Bash is appealing as it supports the use of the arrow keys for command
line recall and editing - our (ex-VAX) users are used to that! The
standard Irix sh/ksh requirees the use of control characters. It is
also the shell used on many other systems around the University, and by
those that provide Unix training locally!

It seems as if it would be faily trivial to support? But is anyone doing
it? Any suggestions?


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