Version 9: fasta problems

Ellis Golub ellis at vesicle.dental.upenn.edu
Thu Jan 30 10:02:11 EST 1997

Marlon --

 I just tried to replicate your problem on our system, but the fasta
 search ran as usual.  You need to check that the logicals are set up to
 point to the correct location of the databases, and to make sure that the
 databases are correctly installed. I believe they need to be reinstalled when
 you upgrade.

In article <5clboi$kbf at paperboy.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk>, cczcole at unix.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk (Marlon Cole) writes:
|> I've just upgraded to Version 9 from 8.1 (on Digital Unix v.3.2D) and have
|> had reports from one of my users that his usual run of "fasta" searching
|> SwissProt:* now no longer works:
|> Using "fasta" and supplying a query sequence file, after the prompt:
|> " Search for query in what sequence(s) (* SwissProt:* *) ?"
|> we now get the error:
|>  *** Search set "SwissProt:*" could not be read! ***
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