Graphics output to PICT

Thomas Zucker-Scharff tom_zs at MYSELF.COM
Fri Jan 24 10:05:31 EST 1997

>Michael Myers wrote:
>> I haven't had to do this sort of thing for a couple of years, so I've
>> forgotten the preferred method for shuttling high res graphic output from
>> GCG to a Mac-readable format.
>> We are still using GCG 8.1
>> I seem to recall that one could specify HPGL output (-plot=HPGL, or
>> perphaps via the command which sets GCG's default output format). This
>> file could then be converted to a PICT format thru a Mac converter
>> utility. I think that was written by Don Gilbert.
>If you add the command line option "-fig=any_filename" to any GCG
>graphics program, the output will be a text file used as input by the
>Figure program.
>This text file can be converted to Mac pict file by a GCG utility
>(download from alanin.gcg.com by ftp) called GCGtoFigure. I have often
>used it with no problem.

If I understand the problem correctly, you can use the GCGfigure program,
on your Mac,  available from the GCG homepage.  This is usefule for any
figure file.


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