Is 9.0 a net minus vs. 8.1?

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>Anybody else care to comment?

	Just as I understood it. Having the sources has a price, but the
package GCG+GCGtk will not be as expensive as DNAstar (if I remember
well the DNAstar price).
	On the other hand, the libraries are there, and what a
programmer needs is perhaps only libraries documentation.


P.S.: I have to says that I don't use seqlab because of the colors.
I'm working mostly on zinc fingers, and having the same color for C and 
A is really a bad choice... Should I ask GCG to recompile 3 versions
of seqlab with different colors for each domain I'm working on?

Lets go for the TO_DO:
	-Coding colors in a configuration file (or several ones)
	-Making Gelassemble work in seqlab (not the Wpi version)

I know, this should be posted to gcg, but the gcg team reads the news.
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