Is 9.0 a net minus vs. 8.1?

Michael J. Weise weise at BSCR.UGA.EDU
Wed Jan 22 10:17:25 EST 1997

>(from David Mathog)
>I've got 9.0 sitting on my desk and am now about 99% certain that I'm never
>going to install it, but rather stay at 8.1.

	I did a test install on one of the nodes in our VMScluster (as I 
haven't had time to get license extension/config info from GCG, 9.0 only 
runs on my test node - and that's standing in the way of having any users 
get at it to help check it out).  I was aware that moving to GCG9 would 
require significant changes in the way we do things, but having a package 
without source has given me pause (I couldn't have added EGCG 8.1 without 
GCG source, for instance) and the sudden switch to HTML-only GenHelp will 
inhibit any transition (because of having to deal with related config and 
training issues).  Overall, I'm more disgruntled than I'd like to be.

> :
>Reasons to install 9.0
>  1.  Better editor in Seqlab
>  2.  Some bug fixes
>  3.  A couple of minor programs.

   4.  HTML-based docs

In principle, I like the idea of HTML-based help (especially since it again 
includes the Users Guide and has Datafiles added).  HOWEVER, experienced 
users will be disappointed to discover that commands like


don't behave like they have for years (the first totally fails, the second 
sends you to the Map program docs instead of the Program Manual's Mapping 

    5. enhanced sitedevices syntax
       (at least potentially interesting)

    6. a GIF graphics driver
       (for which I have a use, so I don't mind paying extra if I get to
        where 9.0 is our production package)

>Reasons not to install 9.0
> :
	I generally agree with the downsides David listed.  Overall, moving 
to GCG9 probably involves more changes than I can remember.  Dealing with 
that is likely to require an attitude adjustment.  I'm still working on 


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