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	Fergus.Doherty at nottingham.ac.uk (Fergus Doherty) writes:
>Is there anything to choose between Mac software for X-window when using
>GCG?  Has anyone experience of this?  Please reply to me directly.

	Just a part of the gcg9 doc (sorry for the copyright, and the length
of the lines):

		SeqLab, the Successor to WPI

Known Bugs 


         Individuals using MacX (version 1.5 tested, others unknown) may have problems
         launching SeqLab without first starting the xterm or DECterm program. We have seen
         several instances of this during the field test for Version 9. If SeqLab is launched from
         one of these terminal programs, then you should not see a problem. 

         The MacX local window manager with Macintosh style window decorations is not
         recommended. This window manager ignores window stacking order imposed by
         Motif and can cause some serious difficulties in using SeqLab. Use the Motif style
         window manger or use a "rooted" session with the Motif window manager (mwm)
         running on the server. 

If this helps you choosing your X server ;-), I think I'd send you the one
we use by mail.

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