Begin: and End: for GCG programs

Keith Vass k.vass at compserv.gla.ac.uk
Tue Jan 7 03:47:41 EST 1997

The qualifiers "begin: and end:" which can be used for Assemble were
supposed to become available for other GCG programs but don't appear
to be so even in Version 9.0. I think his would be a great facility
as you would then be able to home in on areas of interest in any
sequence for any analysis. For instance if you believe that there is
a consensus sequence between -110 and -80 from the transcription
start site in a number of genes you would just have to specify those
coordinates to carry out the analyses. At present you have to extract
the sequence and carry out the analyses on that.

Any views?

Dr Keith Vass
CRC Beatson Laboratories and Glasgow Univeristy Computing Service
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