MI/X and SeqLAb under Mac OS8 and my PowerMac

Michael Schmitz schmitz at lcbvax.cchem.berkeley.edu
Sat Aug 30 19:42:14 EST 1997

Tim Cutts wrote:
> the more dominant products like eXceed.  Plus of course, the PC has
> Linux, which gives you a 'real' UNIX X server for free.  I don't know
> whether the port of Linux to the Mac ever got as far as supporting X.

For PCI-based PowerMacs: pretty sure, you've got the choice between 
MkLinux and monolithic Linux/PPC.

For 68k Macs: there's a framebuffer video driver, so I bet the
framebuffer X server for Linux/68k will work out of the box. But we're
still working on things like keyboard and mouse, sorry.


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