srs update problems

Harry Hahn h3 at ucla.edu
Mon Aug 25 13:33:16 EST 1997

I'm having problems getting the srs indices to update. Running the
srsupdate script generated by gcg_srscheck will generate errors
("segmentation fault - core dumped") on *most* of our databases. The
exceptions are the genbank and genbank tags databases.

Looking through the script, I notice that the databases that cause the
fault do so on the first command, such as:

# gcg_srsbuild SWISSPROT -f ' ID ACC DAT DEF ORG KEY AUT FTS REF SL' -xdir
   'srsdir:' -odir 'srsdir:' 

The genbank databases do not generate such a command within srsupdate, for
reasons I haven't yet fathomed.

Anyone have ideas on what I'm doing wrong? This is GCG 9 running under
Digital Unix 4.0B on a 3000/600.


Harry Hahn <h3 at ucla.edu>
Research and Instructional Biocomputing Services - UCLA

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