wordup (EGCG) problem

Tue Aug 19 14:14:49 EST 1997

Chris Botka (botka at CGL.UCSF.EDU) wrote:

: I am trying to get either the EGCG7.2-UNIX or the code distributed  
: from area.ba.cnr.it for the wordup program to run on Digital UNIX.   
: I can get the source from the ftp site to compile and the EGCG  
: application compiled OK too, but neither seem to complete the  
: search.

: I get three different errors depending on the size of the search  
: and whether I specify a pattern file or not.

: -single sequence file no pattern specified: "Execution Terminated!"
: -single sequence file pattern file specified: "Fatal error: Out of  
: memory to allocate a Codified String
: Execution Interrupted!"
: -multiple sequence files: "Segmentation Fault"

: Has anyone encountered these problems?  Any suggestions would be  
: appreciated.

: Thanks,

: Chris

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