Greg jquinn at shell7.ba.best.com
Tue Aug 19 22:47:44 EST 1997

I just checked out the GCG web site regarding their plans, and I notice
that the Oxford Molecular Groups replacement for PC Gene (called OMIGA) is
going to be able to "use the database searching and other
computationally-intensive programs in the Wisconsin Package", which I take
to mean send out jobs to GCG the same way that Don Gilberts Seq-Pup is
able to do. Does anyone know if this is going to employ an interface to
GCG that anyone can program for (eg. using CORBA or COM interfaces)
or will be kept as proprietory. A robust interface to GCG, enabling it to
be treated it as a remote object in programming terms would be very neat
and rather useful. Has someone already written such an interface for GCG?
Sorry if this question has already been asked.

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