64 meg v. 128 meg; 4 gig v. 8 gig

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	Albert Gold <bgold at ktb.net> writes:
> OK, so making the assumption that the facts of the Wisconsin
> Package remain as they are, I need to purchase a unix box.
> I am looking into a SUN Sparc. or Ultra as the least expensive
> alternatives to serve a group of 8 or so users.

Sure? depends of your distributor. I depends also from the purpose
of your researches. We are trying to make the results from our
survey clearer, but the Sun Sparc seems to dramatically go 
down when you try to use findpatterns and profilesearch.

> GCG recommends 64 meg of RAM. Why buy more?

	To use complex programms without swapping (like profilesearch
or pileup or ClustalX (1)).

	Also, the use of the Xwindow system requires memory.
	For the databases, perhaps someone from EBI or Sanger center
or NCBI can answer. I'm not sure that I will be right.


(1) ClustalX is not a GCG programm, but is available from ;
and can be easily integrated with GCG. 
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