WWW to GCG question

Martin Senger senger at EBI.ac.uk
Fri Apr 18 04:20:12 EST 1997

Fergus Doherty wrote:
> Do any of the WWW interfaces to GCG allow for the WWW server (and the
> pages) to be on a different computer to the GCG application?  The two UNIX
> platforms in question share the same filestore, but the one which GCG runs
> on doesn't have a WWW server, and is unlikely to.

W2H does not do it. But if there is a demand it would not be difficult
to add this feature I guess (because of the same filestore). But still I
think that having an http server on the same machine with GCG programs
is easier solution. It does not need to be a main, outside-visible,
"public" server but a dedicated server only for W2H. You start on the
main http server and then GCG requests are solved by the dedicated
server. Would it work in your case?

Regards, Martin

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