GCG db search performance

Frederic PLEWNIAK plewniak at igbmc.u-strasbg.fr
Fri Apr 18 05:51:27 EST 1997


> Here, I got the blues and gave up.
I understand this as I would have given up too (and probably earlier!)...

I'm deeply sorry for those who encountered these problems. It seems
I mixed up a few things when putting them on the net and when adding
the VMS part from David.

I have been reported similar problems by others and they are fixed now.
The script bgbench doesn't call any other script anymore so you don't 
have to worry about subshells.
The original script did work for me though and at least for a few

I also followed Endre's suggestions (thanks) concerning the batch
default and the psrinfo command.

Sorry again,

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