GCG db search performance

Guy Bottu gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be
Fri Apr 18 02:49:57 EST 1997

Testing the performance of GCG on different platforms is surely
interesting. I decided to try ... and the difficulties began.

First, fasta did not start. I saw that bgbench contained a line 
#fastabench   >> LOG
So, I removed the "outcomment" #
then I got a
fasta: Command not found.
I realized that this is because fastabench starts as a UNIX subshell
and a subshell does not inherit the aliases from its parent shell
and by consequence the GCG aliases defined by genetics do not work.
So, I replaced the line by 
source fastabench   >> LOG
then I got a
fasta: cannot open 5000aa
This was easily fixed, I renamed 5000aa 5000aa.pep
then I got a 
awk: cannot open 1e6.fasta
Here, I got the blues and gave up.

	no hard feelings,
	Guy Bottu

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