GCG db search performance

Frederic PLEWNIAK plewniak at igbmc.u-strasbg.fr
Fri Apr 18 02:29:55 EST 1997


Last week, I announced benchmark which, I hope, should give us some 
insight of how GCG database searches behave on different systems
in terms of performance. The benchmark could only run for Unix boxes
but, thanks to David Matthog it is now available for OpenVMS as well.
The distribution archive file :


includes all necessary files for both versions.

I've also modified the bgbench script as it seems that csh does not
behave exactly the same under Solaris 2.5 and some Irix and Digital
Unix flavors. So, if you had problems running the benchmark, you might
want to try again with the new version.

Anyway, many thanks to those who have run the benchmark (and those who
will or are about to). Results are popping in my mailbox once in a while
and I hope to be able to draw some conclusions soon. (but don't expect
me to pretend they will be exhaustive though ;o)  )

Best regards,

I.G.B.M.C. - Strasbourg - France

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