Solaris 2.x on a Pentium?

Matt Kirsch matt2 at ctg.com
Tue Apr 15 13:38:51 EST 1997

Herbert M Sauro wrote:
> Some of us may appreciate a glossary from time to time, I'm an
> individual with only a minor interest in what goes on in Bioinformatics
> so the glossary was useful - thank you to the original poster. Please
> ignore statements from those who wish to keep their area of expertise
> clouded in mystery - I guess they think it makes them a better and
> greater person.

I do not believe that Mr. O'Donnel was berating the glossary 
simply because it was there, he was berating it because it
was grossly inaccurate, and would mislead people that didn't
know for a fact that it was incorrect.

It is not that people are intentionally trying to keep
unix "clouded in mystery" as you say. Unix, in fact,
probably has the most available FREE public documentation,
all out in the open for anyone to read. With the growth
of the Internet, this is all accessible from your desktop.

Slamming people with unix knowledge because they won't hand
it to you on a silver platter, complete with tutorials and
cookbook procedures isn't going to help you learn. If you
don't understand, start digging and learning. Don't sit 
there whining about how the big, mean gurus won't let
you play unix with them. That's how many, if not most,
people that are unix literate learned.

If you show up at an ice rink with a bag of golf clubs, 
the other kids sure aren't going to let you play hockey.

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