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Cedric Govaerts cgovaert at ulb.ac.be
Tue Apr 15 09:35:21 EST 1997

In article <332CEA1C.5556 at cc.huji.ac.il>, andreyk at cc.huji.ac.il says...
>Actually it started as a GCG-related question...
>Is there a Unix program to print PostScript files directly from 
>the host Unix machine to the PostScript printer connected to the PC?
>It is a local printer connected to LPT1 port on our PC, 
>not a network printer. 
>And we use Telnet client under DOS or MS-Windows 
>to access Unix box (Irix 5.3) from our PC.
>     Briefly, I need something with a syntax:
>%PSfile_printing_program  PSfile_to_be_printed
>     to easily print GCG graphical output saved in a PostScript file.
>(As we all know there is a LPrint program in the GCG package
>to print ASCII files on the terminal's pass-through PostScript printer.)
>Any suggestions?

The big question is : is your printer a PostScript Printer ?

If yes than suggestions from Tim Gutts orHans Ullitz-Meller should help you.

If not, then you'll have to import your file from the distant Unix
platform with ftp (winftp is pretty easy and convenient to use) and then
open it with GhostView. GSview is freely available on the net (search for
"ghostview" or go to www.alladin.com if it works) and easy to install.
It runs OK but can need some RAM space. It can display a PS document and then
print it as any program on you default printer. There is anyway a loss of
quality especially for complicated figures.

By the way, if you got a PS printer but don't want to set up a Unix
printer queue on your local PC, you can still download the file on
your PC and send it directly to the printer, hence keeping the
quality of PS printing.

Good luck

Cedric Govaerts

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