pileup performance

Cedric Govaerts cgovaert at ulb.ac.be
Fri Apr 11 06:54:02 EST 1997

In article <5ibs1d$1a3$1 at phri.phri.nyu.edu>, bergman at phri.nyu.edu says...
>We're begining a new project that has the potential to involve a lot
>of pileups. I'm trying to get an idea of machine requirements for
>pileups of anywhere from 100~500 sequences, with 300~500 bases each.
>We're running on a Sun Sparc10 currently.
>Mark Bergman                       bergman at phri.nyu.edu
>System and Network Administrator   212-578-0822
>Public Health Research Institute   Rm. 1074, 455 1st Ave, NY NY, 10016

On a DEC Alpha (333 MHZ) , a pileup of 200 sequences of 300 - 400 AA each
took about 15 minutes of CPU time.

Good luck

Cedric Govaerts

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