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Tim Cutts tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Sun Apr 6 04:20:35 EST 1997

In article <01bc41bd$b738f940$2225e182 at humpc1>,
Hans Ullitz-Møller <hum at biobase.dk> wrote:
>We have been using Starnets XWIN32 (WinNT and Win95) for years now. 
>It is very stable and it is as fast as most other X-servers.
>It even run - admittedly: vcery slow, but not excessively so - over 
>28.8 modem linies using ppp.

XWIN32 is not very fast.  eXceed is much faster, and Linux blows both
of them away.

According to our local UNIX support people there are serious problems
with XWIN32 logging in using XDMCP on Solaris boxes.  xdm gets
horribly confused.  This appears to be an XWIN32 problem, since they
have not observed it with any other X server.  Having said that, I
have used XWIN32 to access my own SGI machine without much trouble at
all, so perhaps it is a Sun problem, but it's worth bearing in mind.

>It is very cheap if you license for many users. We buy 100 at a time
>at - I think - less than 20 USD. At least we deliver them to our users 
>on CD including additional fonts and some other (freeware) sequence
>analysis and internet stuff for about 65 USD. 

Sounds good; certainly cheaper than eXceed is when sold in similar
numbers.  Not as cheap as Linux/XFree86, obviously, but if you want to
run X and Windows programs simultaneously, Linux isn't a good solution.


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