Q:Running EGCG8.1 on Solaris 2.4

Peter Rice pmr at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Sep 23 03:10:59 EST 1996

In article <3240233C.112D at amc.uva.nl> "J.F.Hellings" <J.F.Hellings at amc.uva.nl> writes:
>   Is there anybody out there how succeed in getting EGCG running with Solaris
>   2.4. The problem is linking Fortran compiled files with C compiled files
>   I have tried it with a simple program but I failed.
>   What exact versions of Fortran and C do you need to get the things runnig.
>   Is it possible to get the executables from someone who succeed in 
>   installing EGCG on Solaris 2.4?

It is more a question of which compiler versions you have, rather then
the Solaris version. Sun added a new library from release 3.0 onwards of the

The 000readme.unix file in EGCG 8.1 was not quite right on this. We actually
put the old version of the makefiles in the release, and you have to make the
change for the latest versions of Solaris compilers. This was because our
Solaris test site still has the old versions.

7a. *** Solaris users only ***
   If you are using the Solaris 3.0 compilers, you must have the
   Solaris 3.0.1 versions, and apply Patch #101911 to Fortran.
   (These are required to build GCG anyway). After some sites reported
   problems, we now know why the patch is needed :-)

   If you are using Solaris 3.0 compilers you must edit one of the makefiles
   to add a Solaris 3.0 library:

   % to egenmakefiles

   then edit eoptions.mm and change lines to add "-lsunmath" :

STDCLIBS = $stdClibs
CEXLIBS = $esharedLib $sharedLib $sharedCFlags $stdClibs 


STDCLIBS = $stdClibs -lsunmath
CEXLIBS = $esharedLib $sharedLib $sharedCFlags -lsunmath $stdClibs 

   *** end of Solaris special instructions ***

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