Migrating to Unix: SGI vs. SUN

David Iain Greig greig at resunix.sickkids.on.ca
Sun Sep 15 09:29:03 EST 1996

Charles A. Alexander (caal at bphvax.biophysics.rochester.edu) wrote:
: Hello

: We're presently evaluating the pros and cons of migrating our GCG 
: package to a UNIX platform.  It seems like a lot of the freeware ...


Personally, having worked extensively with both Sun and SGI hardware,
I'd go (now) with Suns, get an UltraSparc system.  Solaris 2.5 is 
much better than previous versions, the hardware is cheaper,
you can attach just about anything to a Sun and expect it to work,

SGI's look cooler, have better graphics, and have a nifty bunch of
networked games like BattleZone and dogfight.  They do tend to be
fussier about peripherals.

An R10000 Power Challenge or Indigo2 R10k is faster than an UltraSparc[*], 
(but not a ton faster) so if price isn't an obstacle, go wild.

All of the above is just my opinion, mind. =]

[*] based on the latest benchmark summary obtainable from 


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