Migrating to Unix: SGI vs. SUN

Charles A. Alexander caal at bphvax.biophysics.rochester.edu
Thu Sep 12 15:59:33 EST 1996


We're presently evaluating the pros and cons of migrating our GCG 
package to a UNIX platform.  It seems like a lot of the freeware 
biocomputing apps are being written for UNIX and though I love my VAX 
and VMS System Management, it seems like I would be doing my users a 
disservice by not providing at least the option of other software.

We also want to provide molecular modelling tools for the people we 
support and it seems that SGI and SUNS have a lot of tools available for 
these applications as well.

Anybody have any recommendations on what kind of machines would be 
able to handle the kind of processing power required for both these 
applications for a peak load of about 10-15 users simultaneously.  We 
have a total of about 50 users and growing.

I don't want to start a holy war but should we look at Suns or SGIs ?  
Anybody care to share their experiences ?  How stable are the OS' and 
how difficult are they to manage.  My limited experience tells me that 
SGIs are easier to handle.  I'll apologize in advance if my ignorance 
is showing.

Thanks in advance. BTW, anybody have an updated spec sheet on how GCG 
performs on various platforms ?

- Charles Alexander

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