Migrating to Unix: SGI vs. SUN

Francois Jeanmougin pingouin at crystal.u-strasbg.fr
Fri Sep 13 03:32:37 EST 1996

In article <1996Sep12.155933 at bphvax>,
	caal at bphvax.biophysics.rochester.edu (Charles A. Alexander) writes:
>We also want to provide molecular modelling tools for the people we 
>support and it seems that SGI and SUNS have a lot of tools available for 
>these applications as well.

	Don't try to run molecular modelling tools on a server! I mean, 
if you want to use one of Whatif, Quanta, o, setor, molscript and so
on to do molecular modelling, it's better to dedicate a Indigo2 or an
SGI like that (that's what we do), else you will make interactives
remote processes really slow.

>Anybody have any recommendations on what kind of machines would be 
>able to handle the kind of processing power required for both these 
>applications for a peak load of about 10-15 users simultaneously.  We 
>have a total of about 50 users and growing.

	We have about 600 users, with pics at 30-40 users. we use
a Sparc server 1000 E (4 processors). I think, it's better to use
a multiprocessor machine. Note that we build our SRS indexes on
a DEC calculator (from Xtallography group, thanks ;-)

>I don't want to start a holy war but should we look at Suns or SGIs ?  
>Anybody care to share their experiences ?  How stable are the OS' and 
>how difficult are they to manage.  My limited experience tells me that 
>SGIs are easier to handle.  I'll apologize in advance if my ignorance 
>is showing.

	I use or used GCG on all of those machines, and I "feel" the
better configuration to be a DEC server with 2 or 3 processors. An
Indigo for molecular modelling. We also recently put our external
server (for SRS, GCGdoc and so on) on another Sparc server (sparc20).

>Thanks in advance. BTW, anybody have an updated spec sheet on how GCG 
>performs on various platforms ?

	Of course, all of this depends of the money you have, because
a DEC 2500, 3 proc, is quite expensive...

					If this helps,

P.S.: I don't think that a UNIX system is secure, and it gives some
problems to users to understand how it works...Sorry.
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