GCG version 9 under VMS?

Peter Rice pmr at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Sep 13 10:42:37 EST 1996

In article <3239177E.4F3A at bbsrc.ac.uk> Andy Phillips <andy.phillips at bbsrc.ac.uk> writes:
>   A while ago I heard that the next version (9) of the GCG package will run 
>   only on Unix machines and not under VAX/VMS. However, I can find no 
>   information about this on the GCG Web page. Is there any truth in this 
>   rumour?

See the latest Transcript Newsletter on the GCG Web pages:


VMS *is* still supported.

VAX/VMS 5.5-2 and 6.1 are dropped. VAX/VMS 6.2 is supported.

It is ULTRIX that has vanished from the supported Digital OS list.

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