mycobacteria codon table?

Martin Hilbers mph at dl.ac.uk
Tue Sep 10 23:22:31 EST 1996

Thomas Zucker-Scharff wrote:
> One of my users asked for a mycobacteria codon  table.  I have not found
> one yet, does anyone know where I could get such an animal?
> Tom
> --
The SRS-server (http://www.seqnet.dl.ac.uk/srs/srsc )at SEQNET allows
access to the cutg (codon usage tables tabulated from genbank),
reformatted in gcg-format. From the SRS start page, select
cutg from the 'Search libraries of bioinformatics information'
option. A search for the organism name mycobacterium will give
you codon usage tables for a variety of mycobacteria


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