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In article <552p3u$j7c at netnews.upenn.edu>, ellis at vesicle.dental.upenn.edu (Ellis Golub) writes:
> Until recently, we mounted the full GCG database suite locally.  Then we ran
> out of disk space.  We are now considering whether to permanently stop
> mounting the databases locally, or to increase the disk capacity of our
> system to once again contain the databases.
> I am intersted in the experiences/soutions taken by other sites.  In
> considering this issue, some users report that they can search the public
> databases more quickly than they had been able to search the local databases
> previously, and they worry that as the size increases, searching speed will
> decrease further. 

We currently keep local databases and plan to continue to do so.  Howver, 
at this point we are about to run out of disk space for GenBank (maybe 
sometime in the next 1-2 releases).  What we will need to do is to split GB
over several disks.  Is there a way to do this? 

We currently store several databases and they are on different disks with the
appropriate logicals pointing to them.  At first glance, however, there is
only a single logical to point to the GenBank disk. 

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