GenBank on several disks

Nick Staffa, ph 361-9422 ext226 STAFFA at NIEHS.NIH.GOV
Wed Oct 30 09:30:23 EST 1996

>We currently keep local databases and plan to continue to do so.  Howver, 
>at this point we are about to run out of disk space for GenBank (maybe 
>sometime in the next 1-2 releases).  What we will need to do is to split GB
>over several disks.  Is there a way to do this? 
>We currently store several databases and they are on different disks with the
>appropriate logicals pointing to them.  At first glance, however, there is
>only a single logical to point to the GenBank disk. 

I have three or four disks for databases (it's hard to keep up).
And I just moved EMBL to make more room on gencoredisk for GenPept.
(what a pain!)
My system manager defined form me dsk_gcg and then dsk_gcg_1 and dsk_gcg_2.
My file gensitecom:sitelogicals.com (GCGCOREDISK:[GCGMANAGER]SITELOGICALS.COM)
has such entries as
$   ASSIGN/nolog/Translation=concealed -
                   Dsa26:[gcg8.gcgdata.]                      Gengbestdisk
$   ASSIGN/nolog/Translation=concealed -
                   DISK$SCRATCH5:[GCG8.GCGDATA.]              Gengbestdisk_2
$   ASSIGN/nolog/Translation=concealed -
                   $2$DUA18:[GCG8.GCGDATA.]                   Gengbnewdisk
$  Assign/NoLog DSK_gcg_2:[gcg8.GCGData.GCGGenPept]          GenPeptDir
$   ASSIGN/nolog  gengbestdisk:[gcgGenbank]                   Gbestdir
$   ASSIGN/nolog  gengbestdisk:[gcgGenbank]                   Gbest2dir
$   ASSIGN/nolog  gengbestdisk:[gcgGenbank]                   Gbest1dir
$   ASSIGN/nolog  gengbestdisk_2:[gcgGenbank]                 Gbest4dir
$   ASSIGN/nolog  gengbestdisk_2:[gcgGenbank]                 Gbest6dir
$   ASSIGN/nolog  gengbestdisk_2:[gcgGenbank]                 Gbest7dir
$   ASSIGN/nolog  gengenbankdisk:[gcgGenbank]                 Gbest8dir
$   assign/nolog  gengbestdisk:[gcggenbank]                   gentagsdir
$   ASSIGN/nolog  gengenbankdisk:[gcgGenbank]                 Gbgssdir
$   ASSIGN/nolog  gengenbankdisk:[gcgGenbank]                 Gbstsdir
$   assign/nolog   gengbnewdisk:[GCGGENBANK]                 gengb_newdir

As you can see, sometimes single divisions can be wedged into small spaces
to make larger spaces on other disks. A real juggling operation.
You also don't tell your system manager that you are using scratch space 
rather permanently.

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